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WRECK CITY is a Calgary/Mohkinstsis-based collective that curates experimental art exhibitions in alternative spaces. Founded in 2013 by artist-curators Matthew Mark Bourree, Caitlind r.c. Brown, Jennifer Crighton, Brandon A. Dalmer, Andrew Frosst, John Frosst, Natalie MacLean, Ryan McClure Scott, and Shawn Mankowske, WRECK CITY has a mandate to:

  • Identify relevant spaces for site-specific public art exhibitions

  • Instigate projects that are temporary in nature, constantly adapting to changing situations

  • Create exciting, significant, subversive, raw, inclusive, and nurturing circumstances for a diverse community of participants

  • Build an infrastructure for participants to experiment, collaborate, and grow within a professional and transparent framework

  • Challenge the passive role of art within society at large by facilitating connections between artists, artworks, and a broad demographic of people

  • Contribute actively to underground countercultures and institutional critique

  • Catalyze conversations, debates, sharing, and curiosity within the urban landscape


WRECK CITY believes in art’s radical potential to permeate familiar spaces, grow new communities, and continually create fresh understandings of our particular time and place. The collective formed in response to site-specific concerns of Calgary as a political, social, and historical context, localized within the larger context of North America. 

WRECK CITY projects are free and open to everyone. As an artist-run initiative, WRECK CITY is dedicated to paying professional artists fees. In the past, this has been accomplished through grants, crowdfunding, donations, and in-kind sponsorships.

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