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Free Experimental Art Exhibition
Free Multi-Venue Experimental Art Exhibition
Open to the Public    ////     July 27 - August 12, 2018
PUBLIC HOURS  //  812A & 818 16th Ave SW
Monday Closed
Tuesday - Thursday 5-8PM
Friday - Saturday 5-9PM
Sunday 4-6PM


Amber PB & Jeff Meldrum // LyfeStyle Landing

@whistlinj // @amberpb


The sales centre for THE FUTURE of optimized living. Stop by LyfeStyle Landing for a sit down with a LyfeStyle Optimizing sales associate and tune into your ideal life.

DEEP WEBSITE | Craig Fahner + Matthew Waddell // DEEP SOLUTIONS

@matthew.waddell // @deepfriedcar


DEEP SOLUTIONS is an immersive environment that invites participants to take a virtual voyage into the dark and strange corners of the web. Visitors to DEEP SOLUTIONS are invited to surrender their social media metadata, which is brought to life through a personalized VR experience. DEEP SOLUTIONS turns the act of prowling the web into an embodied journey through both familiar and uncanny environments, questioning the role of surveillance and anonymity in online spaces.

David Hoffos // Vacation Time (Vacate Now)


It's time for your well-deserved break - a relaxing getaway and a song of summer; the rising tide and your broken memory - a glitch in the system and a total fake. Book now - travel is limited

// The Room at the End of the Hall

There is a room, at the end of the hall. It's Dark and relatively spacious.

Laura Hudspith // Pink Champagne


Beneath a cascade of rippling water projected onto the ceiling above, Laura Hudspith’s playful installation, Pink Champagne, consists of a large central fountain and two small free-standing sculptures. A pair of muscular legs and abdomen stand mock-heroically in a classic contrapposto pose at the fountain’s center. While their posture recalls well-known sculptures of
antiquity such as “David”, by Michelangelo, the pink soap-cast figure in this fountain will erode into a mess of bubbles. Smaller sculptures at the fountain’s edge depict a disembodied arm and hands making comical gestures towards their companion legs, and hold the objects necessary for a whimsical and frivolous contemporary summer day.

Located next door to RADIO CITY - 818 16th Ave SE

WYRDOS | Sarah Smalik + Sara Tilley + Jamie Tea // MODYRN TIMEZ

@gutsywyrdos // @ilovesmalik // @thejamietea 

Inspired by a newspaper clipping review of Charlie Chaplin films found onsite in Radio City, we take Chaplin’s final silent film, Modern Times, into our own modern times, re-imagining the Tramp today, “happy in his comfortable cell”. Don’t miss this rare chance to see authentic members of the endangered species Charlieus Chaplinus in their specially-designed habitat, where they are safe, dry, warm and squarely-fed (far more than can be said for these naive creatures in the wild, scattered as they are throughout urban areas, teetering at the very edge of extinction). Experience the thrill of influencing the narrative as these charming creatures live out their lives behind glass (and bars!)...all in the name of Amusement, Progress, and Science!


Aug 9 - Thurs 6 PM - 8 PM

Aug 10 - Fri 7 PM - 9 PM

Aug 11 - Sat 7 PM - 9 PM

Aug 12 - Sun 4 PM - 6 PM

Zain Alam // I can rotate, repeat, and rearrange (not restart)


Found objects carry textures through time that cannot be synthesized. Found materials in an archive give voice to margins and moments as beautiful or intimate as contemporary pre-meditations. Between notions of the indigenous, the Western frontier, and the resourceful immigrant, there exists a strange continuity apparent within the archives—between what it means to begin anew, to plant seeds of remembrance (and resilience), and to find a language for reciprocity between those inside and out.

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