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Matthew Mark Bouree

matthew-mark- FIRE.jpg

Above: WE GATHER BY NIGHT AND ARE CONSUMED BY FIRE by Matthew Mark Bourree & Sarah Smalik.

MATTHEW Mark Bourree was a co-founder and co-curator of WRECK CITY. He graduated from Alberta College of Art + Design with a degree in Painting and finished his MFA at the Belfast School of Art. Bourree was a multidisciplinary artist whose work was interested in the re-categorization of all things. Primarily sculpture based, Bourree had a deep interest in the invisible systems that surrounded him, including the extra-physical systems of love, time and observation. Considering the relationship between humans, nature and industry not as separate, but as intertwining and in constant exchange, objects that came out of Bourree’s practice were physical iterations of the moments and gestures that reflected his curiosities of the world. 

Matt, you were an artist, curator, and friend. You helped build WRECK CITY from when it was still just a wild idea shared between pals, to our most recent international Artist Residency 5 years later. Thank you for being a capable set of hands, an adamant community supporter, and an instigator of many projects. From co-founding The Bakery Studios and Fresh Bread arts periodical with Nate McLeod, to curating WE with Yvonne Mullock, to establishing MMJT Contemporary Furniture with Jeremy Pavka, to running Haight Gallery – a beautiful white-cube gallery you built in your garage – you were nothing if not constantly conjuring new ideas into existence. No matter what else was happening in your life, no matter where the world took you, you were always making things: paintings, sculptures, projects, jokes, collaborations, connections, friends.  


You were one of us. We’re still expecting you to turn up at the gatherings we are having to remember you, and then doing our best to remember all the ways you will always be there, in the people and projects you put so much of yourself into.


Thank you.



Brandon, Caitlind, Jennifer, & Natalie



For more information about Matthew Mark Bourree’s Celebration of Life, visit:

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