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Free Multi-Venue Experimental Art Exhibition
Open to the Public    ////     July 27 - August 12, 2018
PUBLIC HOURS  //  2240 33rd Ave SW
Everyday 10AM - 10PM
For 5 weeks, 23 artists, filmmakers, and writers from across North america used these houses as part of the WRECK CITY Residency, utilizing the space for Artist Talks, studio time, research, laundry, public events, meetings, cooking, sleeping, and hanging out. HOUSE CITY stands as a testament to that time during our Residency where these two modest pre-demolition houses were occupied by artists.
Please note, while audiences are not able to enter the houses (as there are still artists living onsite) HOUSE CITY stands as a valuable reference point in relation to the artworks installed at other sites around the city. This is the origin point.


Amber PB & Jeff Meldrum // Raising Reflections


@whistlinj // @amberpb

On July 15th, 2018, Amber and Jeff staged an ol’ timey mirror raising,
with the help of many hands, a large wooden ramp, reflective megaphones and matching mirror vests. This coordinated community act has enabled a large mirror to sit calmly atop the garage roof at House City ever since. Residents and visitors alike can reflect on the experience of no longer having to crane their necks to gaze into the sky. This piece has also been linked into Office City where you can see a video version of “Mirror Cam,” within a re-imagined installation of the original mirror-raising structure.

Catron Booker // Soil is soul



An aesthetic of resistance. A means of remembering. A celebration for the journey beyond. Performance intervention and garden restoration by Catron Booker.

David Hoffos // Gone Golfing: Night Range


Teed up for after-dark viewing only, Night Range makes an appeal to
the sidewalk wanderer, and takes up a nervous nocturnal
residence in the doomed Marda Loop houses. Witness Wreck City
artists and curators make their best swing - and wonder as they try to
golf their way out, before it’s too late. Fore!

Best seen after dark.

Long Distance Call | Marianne R. Williams +
Frédéric Bigras-Burrogano // I could be yours


@analfistofdoom // @mariannerichael

Through discovering images, stories and objects from Marda Loop, Long Distance Call has created several artist multiples which will then be bartered back to the community via garage sale installation and performance. In trading our works back to the neighbourhood, we look to re-invest art-as-capital in the community, while raising questions about authenticity, civic engagement and our roles as citizens.


Friday July 27th - 7:00PM - 11:00PM

NASARIMBA // Threw Hoops



A painted intervention spread across the exterior surfaces of two adjacent buildings. NASARIMBA composed the colorful geometric tapestry over the course of a week responding intuitively to the surfaces. Shoot hoops at the painted basketball court in the driveway between the houses and follow the colour trail that wraps around them.

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