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Free Experimental Art Exhibition
Free Multi-Venue Experimental Art Exhibition
Open to the Public    ////     July 27 - August 12, 2018
PUBLIC HOURS  //  908 17th Ave SW
Unit 112 & Basement Kitchen (access next to Betty Lou's)
Monday Closed​
Tuesday - Thursday 5-8PM
Friday - Saturday 5-9PM
Sunday - 4-6PM


Chris Foster & Layne Hinton // The Electric Kitchen

@cfossss // @laynemarley


The Electric Kitchen is a series of site-specific immersive
installations that respond to the now dismantled industrial
kitchen in the basement of the historic Devonish building – a site
where water pipes, electrical wires, gas lines, and air ducts
converge. Using the vernacular of kitchen equipment, the kinetic
artworks explore the dark recesses of the back of house through
light, shadow, and motion.

Located in the basement of OLD CITY [see directions on site]

Nate McLeod // An Intensely Fragile Construction



An Intensely Fragile Construction takes its name from one of the
submitted by Sara Tilley), building upon the form and ideas of The
Hanging Picnic by considering the site of the recently demolished
Deutsch Canadier Block (Eastern Block) -- the former home of
AVALANCHE! Institute of Contemporary Art (2012-2016) and most
recently, a temporary parking lot for the Calgary Stampede.

Sarah Van Sloten // In Honest Truth



This installation consists of objects chosen for their
relationship to experiences of childhood and includes stickers, a
felt board, drawings, and found items presumed to have been lost
by young children. The value of these items is suggested by the
way they are collected, cared for and displayed. The title for this
work is an excerpt from a letter found on the ground, which is an
apparent apology written by a child to their teacher.

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