After WRECK CITY: an Epilogue for 809, the curators were invited to organize a similar pre‐demolition project in the 1960s wing of the historic King Edward School. Entitled PHANTOM WING, the project invited 30 artists to transform the abandoned wing, creating an infestation, a psychedelic portal, a fire-bell installation, a Girl Gang Dance Party, water sculptures, a politergeist, pre-apocalyptic beasts, intercom performances, and more! The resulting exhibition was both an echo and a bang: a reflection and a mirage. In essence, PHANTOM WING proposed the creation of an architectural phantom limb – an event designed to resonate long after the building was severed from its adjoining sandstone counterpart.


PHANTOM WING was organized by independent Artist-Curators: Matthew Mark Bourree, Caitlind r.c. Brown, Jennifer Crighton, Shawn Mankowske & Natalie MacLean, with special thanks to Brandon A. Dalmer, Andrew Frosst, and John Frosst


PHANTOM WING was open to the public from September 24 – 29, 2013, with 3,200 people visiting the exhibition. The project was sponsored by cSPACE King Edward, an organization transforming King Edward School into an arts incubator that officially opened in 2017.

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Alia Shahab, Lane Shordee, and Ivan Ostapenko in collaboration with ANTYX Community Arts

Carly Greene

Guy Gardner and Sian Ramsden

Jack Bride, Jayda Karsten, and Chris Zajko

Joanne MacDonald

Leslie & Chris Bell

Melinda Topilko, Lindsay Joy and Peter Britton

Sarah Birch, Michael Oxman, and Sara Peppinck

Sarah Smalik, Sara Tilley, and Jamie Tea

Sarah Storteboom and Lowell Smith

Sasha Foster

Six of Hearts Collective (Luna Allison, Tomas Jonsson, Brianna MacLellan, Nicole Nigro, Holly Timpener, and Alma Visscher)

Stephen Mueller

Steven Cottingham

Suzen Green and Yvonne Mullock

Svea Ferguson

The Prototype Lab (Dana Schloss, Evelyn Read, and more)


Diane + Mike Photography


cSPACE King Edward