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Free Experimental Art Exhibition
Free Multi-Venue Experimental Art Exhibition
Open to the Public    ////     July 27 - August 12, 2018
PUBLIC HOURS  //  706 7th Ave SW 
Monday Closed
Tuesday - Thursday 6-9PM
Friday 4-9PM
Saturday - Sunday 6-9PM


Amber PB & Jeff Meldrum // Raising Reflections featuring Mirror Cam

@whistlinj // @amberpb

An outdoor structure used to raise a large mirror onto the garage roof at House City has been re-imagined into this interior installation. Mirror Cam displays a timelapse video of the OG mirror - allowing visitors to catch a glimpse of the sky above House City - the site that many Wreck City artists called home over the course of their residency.

Catron Booker // Soil is Soul



An aesthetic of resistance. A means of remembering. A celebration for the journey beyond. Performance intervention by Catron Booker.


Friday July 27th - 7:45PM & 8:30PM [10-15min each]

Saturday July 28th - 7:30PM & 8:30PM [10-15min each]

NASARIMBA // Certified Refurbished



“Certified Refurbished” describes products that have been restored to work as if they were brand new, and are then re-packaged for consumption. NASARIMBA applied a reverse corporate facelift to create an installation built of found materials, disassembled furniture and recycled paints that questions the conventional aesthetic standards of office life. Banality and the mundane are turned inside out to expose the rich potential of
creative expression.

Sarah Houle // The Boy Who Keeps Ghosts


“The Boy Who Keeps Ghosts” is an installation inspired by the
nostalgia of pop up books. Two downtown Calgary offices are
tranformed with cardboard, cloth, beads, rocks, trees, tarps and
paint to create the story of a boy that can commune with ghosts
and travel into realms inhabited by his ancestors.

Teresa Tam // PSEUDO CAFÉ


PSEUDO CAFÉ is a temporary resting space that is attempting to revitalize a former coffee shop by serving tea – with handmade digital and analogue memory keepers available to order. In this café, everything is manufactured as a way to preserve what is dying or to build an imitation of a happy life. Open only when downtown Calgary closes.

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