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Free Multi-Venue Experimental Art Exhibition
Open to the Public    ////     July 27 - August 12, 2018
Public Exhibition    ////     July 28 - August 11, 2018

/// Musicians:  Amy Nelson & Laura Hickli

Join us at HOUSE CITY on the very last day of the WRECK CITY exhibition for a House Show on the back patio, featuring Amy Nelson & Laura Hickli!


This show occurs at the same time as Marda Gras Street Festival hits Marda Loop! If you can, plan to take transit, walk, or bike.

/// Artists: WYRDOS (Sarah Smalik, Sara Tilley, Jamie Tea)

Our resident Charlie Chaplins are back for their final week of LIVE PERFORMANCES! To read more about Modern Timez, visit this page.


Aug 9 - Thurs 6 PM - 8 PM

Aug 10 - Fri 7 PM - 9 PM

Aug 11 - Sat 7 PM - 9 PM

Aug 12 - Sun 4 PM - 6 PM

/// Artists: Amber PB & Jeff Meldrum AND Lane Shordee & Nikki Martens

‘Lyfestyle Landing’ of WRECK CITY and #thecREativeRealm ‘The General Store’ announce an official Corporate Merger.

“We are excited to join forces with The General Store to create a premier wholistic lifestyle and capital management practice holding hands firm ltd.,” Lyfestyle Landing Managing Partner Pearl Habbit said.

“Our team creates a product tailored to meet the requirements of the client or project, operating as one interprovincial firm to ensure responsiveness, efficiency and maximize all the outcomez,” stated Lane Shordee co-owner of the General Store.

With 4 employees, including 2 partners, operating from kiosks in 2 provinces, General Lifestyle Storeshop and Hand Holdings Ltd.© will be one of the sparkliest companies specializing in lyfe optimization across the prairies.

{Cooperate design by Wayne Garrett}


/// Artist: Sarah Houle & Collaborators

Artist-in-Residence Sarah Houle brings her band, Ghostkeeper, to OFFICE CITY. The music of Ghostkeeper is a continually-evolving organism; the defining aspect of all their music to date, coursing through each of their evolutionary stages, is that the band truly sounds like no one else. The current iteration of the band – uniting core members/vocalists Shane Ghostkeeper and Sarah Houle with drummer Eric Hamelin and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Bourne. 

For more about Sarah Houle's art installation at OFFICE CITY, The Boy Who Keeps Ghosts, visit this page.


Listen to Ghostkeeper here:

//// Moderator: Morris Fox​

//// Panelists: Dana Buzzee, Jennifer Crighton, David Hoffos

Intended to explore darker aspects of artworks and city spaces, WICKED CITY invites a panel of artists to respond to a broad theme of "The Dark Arts + You," as Skype-moderated by Toronto-based artist Morris Fox.


Morris Fox is a queer goth artist and poet. His work voices empty peripherals, studies a homesickness for Birth/Death/Afterlife (a moebius uncanny) and considers what is erased in duplication: both as loss & gain. Manifesting as a continuous questioning of where Goth is in globalization, he frames narrative works in the Umwelt of his own subject position. Thesis Video.

Dana Buzzee is an interdisciplinary visual artist and curator currently based in Calgary. Buzzee received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2012. Since graduating Buzzee has enjoyed several national and international residencies as well as local and national exhibitions. For the past two years Buzzee has worked as the Visual Arts Curator for Femme Wave Feminist Arts Festival in Calgary. Buzzee’s most recent projects include their solo exhibitions FEMME TOP OF YOUR DREAMS at The Lily and BRUISE ME SOFTLY at Stride.

Jennifer Crighton is a artist, curator, and musician. Her work is performative and multidisciplinary, an process exemplified by her current music project Hermitess. Professionally, she’s been employed as arts administrator, festival curator, library reference assistant, and costume designer. 

Since 1992 David Hoffos has maintained a full-time practice – with over 50 group shows, dozens of school and community collaborations, a few works for the stage and 40 solo exhibitions including a recent survey at the National Gallery of Canada. In 2014 Hoffos completed permanent public sculpture projects in Grande Prairie and Lethbridge. He has received awards including the Images Grand Prize, 2007, and a Sobey Art Award (2nd prize), 2002.

/// Moderator: Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi

/// Panelists: daniel j. kirk, Wednesday Lupypciw, WYRDOS (represented by Sarah Smalik and Jamie Tea)

There's a secret city beneath every visible city, sometimes hiding in plain sight. Exposing 'the caverns beneath' sometimes happens on purpose and sometimes by accident. Montreal/Calgary-based filmmaker Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi will guide a panel of artists through this topic via Skype.

Working as a professional director/filmmaker in Calgary Alberta since 2005, Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi has to date directed a number of award-winning projects from experimental art installations and documentary work, to broadcast commercial and music videos, as well as a slew of short films. Inspired by all that is visually stunning and stories not often told, Ramin’s interests vary but his mindset is always tainted with an indie sensibility that favours storytelling excellence.

daniel j, kirk was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and has been practicing art professionally since graduating from the University of Calgary in 2006 with his BFA. He is well known in Calgary for his many murals and public art installations and active role in the arts community. His public commissions and private work can be found throughout Canada, the United States, Central America and Turkey. In 2014 daniel co-founded BlankPage Studio, a local creative hub with a mission to encourage dialogue and active participation in the development of Calgary’s cultural sphere. He is currently the Lead Artist behind Creative Realm on 17th Avenue.

Wednesday Lupypciw is from Calgary, Alberta, where she pursues chaotically overlapping video and performance art practices. To make money she is a part-time maid and physical labourer. She also maintains a concurrent practice in textiles—weaving, machine knitting, embroidery and crochet—but this is done mostly while procrastinating on other, larger projects. The purposefully lazy Feminist art and activist collective LIDS, or the Ladies Invitational Deadbeat Society, is one of those projects. The aesthetic output from all of these things is different, but the politics are the same: queer, pluralistic, fairly compensated, critical.

WYRDOS is a trio of artists and performers, represented on this panel by Sarah Smalik & Jamie Tea. Sarah Smalik is a recent grad of UCLA’s MFA in New Genres program, whose multidisciplinary work lands somewhere between mythology and technology, in reverence of the supernatural glitch, following the impulse to excavate the cobwebbed records of stories past to illuminate and mutate them, through experimental video, sculpture, installation and performance. Jamie “Tea” Tognazzini incorporates music, circus, puppets, (and usually garbage) into interactive and theatrical audience experiences, activating the divine queer spirit of an environment using installation and interactive performance.

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