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We've had lots of questions about our upcoming Residency - we're trying something new! We've attempted to answer some of the most frequently asked question below. If you have something sensitive to ask, feel free to email us at

One of WRECK CITY's top notch volunteers rolling around in soap suds from an artwork by Peter Redecopp
Photo by Diane + Mike Photography

Q: How is the Residency different than previous WRECK CITY projects?

A: Most of our previous events invited participants to submit full applications with defined projects, details, and sometimes even budgets. For the WRECK CITY Residency, our process is different. We are selecting participants through their qualifications (ie. previous work, portfolios, and their intended process of making) instead of their project ideas. We want to see what happens when artists are freed from the pressure of needing to create something pre-determined - ideally, you'll be able to respond to the situation of the space, other artists, and site-specific stimuli.  We hope this will encourage more organic collaborations, knowledge and resource sharing, and authentic experimentation.

Q: Where is the Residency taking place?

A: The short answer is that it's a (necessary) secret. We aren't playing coy - we're still in the process of confirming some sites - but we can tell you that one of our spaces is comprised of several houses in the Calgary neighbourhood of Marda Loop. Our other sites are still in process and will likely not be confirmed until after the Residency deadline. With that in mind, we hope to emphasize that you don't need to apply with a finalized idea for the WRECK CITY Residency. We are looking for process-oriented approaches and artists that are willing to experiment and adapt over the course of the Residency. In that sense, it doesn't matter exactly where the location is, each artist's work will become site-specific over the course of working onsite.


Generally, there are indoor and outdoor spaces. And we can promise the final sites will be interesting.

Q: What if I have an idea already? Can I still apply for the RFQ?

A: Absolutely, but it's not imperative. Be prepared to adapt, change, and respond to the situation of the Residency. For example: maybe you'll want to collaborate with other artists. Or change the scale of your work to suit the site better. Ultimately, this residency is self-guided, so you get to decide what ideas to bring in with you.

Q: How structured is the Residency?

A: We intend to start the Residency by contextualizing the sites and allowing artists to get to know each other. There will be some structured time each week (Artist Talks, Visiting Mentors, Workshops, etc) but overall, artists will be changed with independently managing their time. There is an expectation that artists primarily work onsite, where possible, to help create a communal atmosphere.

Q: Is there additional funding available for travel expenses?

A: No. The budget described in the RFQ is the entire budget we have for each artist. However, each participant is independently responsible for allocating their own budget. You are welcome to use part of your material budget on travel, provided you are still able to participate wholeheartedly in the Residency + Exhibition. Additionally, any successful applicant can request a Letter of Acceptance from WRECK CITY to help them apply for additional funding (including travel grants) where necessary.

Q: How does the exhibition work?

A: We don't know yet - the form of the exhibition, just like the Residency itself, is intended to respond to the situation created by the artists, the sites, and the buildings. For example, some artists may choose to treat the exhibition like an "Open Studio." Other artists may choose to create performative works over the course of our public dates. Still others might choose to exhibit large-scale interventions or sculptures. In a broader sense, the Exhibition will be a showcase of the results of the Residency, in whatever form they take.


Fundamentally, it's important to WRECK CITY that there be some sort of public event to open up the process, create connections in the community, break potential echo chambers, and allow the art to exist in real time + space. Each artist will be asked to participate in the way that makes the most sense for their practice.

Q: I want to sponsor WRECK CITY. How can I do that?

A: That sounds awesome! While we're grateful to have received a highly competitive grant from Canada Council for the Arts (which allows us to pay artist fees, cover some materials, prep spaces, etc) we are being fairly ambitious. Right now, we're looking for sponsors in the following categories:

Publication Sponsor: we're making a publication for this project! It could be anything from a zine to a book, depending on our publication budget. If you think the difference could be YOU, then let us know!

Facility Sponsor: have equipment, tools, or workshop space you want to share with us? That would be rad!

Safety Sponsor: while we're always super careful, you can help keep our artists and the public even safer by contributing to our safety budget!

Bicycle Sponsor: we want each of our out-of-town Residents to have a bike to use! Willing to sponsor a bike rental? Own some extra bikes you'd be willing to lend us? Run a bicycle co-operative and looking for some cross-promotion? Let us know!

Press Partners: help spread the word! When the Exhibition rolls around, we want to make sure people find out about it through whatever channels they read, watch, or listen to!

Sponsor an Artist: This is an exciting category. If you want to pay for one more participant to be included in the WRECK CITY Residency, that would be rad. This is a case-by-case discussion, so feel free to reach out!

Venue Sponsors: We have one+ WRECK CITY sites already, but we're always interested in hearing about more. If you have a cool space that you think could work for WRECK CITY, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Sponsorships can be in-kind (materials and services) or monetary. For more specific information about Sponsorships and the perks for various sponsors, check in with us!

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