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Residency Dates:

June 22 – July 27, 2018

Monday, February 26, 2018 @ Midnight
Above: artwork by Ivan Ostapenko, Mark Erickson, & Matt Kennedy
Photo by Matthew Kennedy

The Critical Writer-in-Residence should be a writer with an interest in art, artists, and art-making. Our Writer-in-Residence is tasked with critically contextualizing the events of the residency and exhibition, with an eye on local, regional, national, and international cultural commentaries. Like the documentary filmmaker, the selected writer will be treated as an arms-reach participant, granted access to the inner workings of the residency but free to generate their own critical narrative. They should be available sporadically throughout the Residency Dates so as to capture the thread of events.


Expectations: The Writer-in-Residence will be asked to develop critical writing around the residency and exhibition. The format of this writing may evolve over the course of the residency, but it is expected, at minimum, that the Writer-in-Residence will include a selection of writing in the exhibition catalog or zine, and on WRECK CITY’s website.


Honourarium: $750 (inclusive of GST)


WRECK CITY’s previous Writers-in-Residence have included Andrea Williamson, Jenna Swift, and JD Mersault. Previous writers are welcome to submit again.

WRECK CITY seeks Residency Reflectors - including a Writer-in-Residence and a Documentary Filmmaker - to witness, reflect upon, and chronicle our first artist residency. We are particularly interested in unique perspectives, non-dominant viewpoints, and alternative methods of storytelling. A familiarity with WRECK CITY’s previous projects may be an asset (though not required).


The WRECK CITY Residency is one of 200 projects funded through the Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter program, developed to fund arts during the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation. WRECK CITY is one of 3 Calgary-based arts initiatives to be awarded this grant, including Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society and Czapno Ensemble (Old Trout Puppet Workshop). These projects were chosen from over 2000 applications across the country. With this $35M investment, the Council supports the creation and sharing of the arts in communities across Canada.

WRECK CITY Residency


Special Thanks


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